About Us

Yellow Hat (UK) Ltd is a tailor-made recruitment consultancy that caters to the healthcare industry.

As an organisation, we have structured ourselves more as a bespoke, targeted head-hunting consultancy, rather than a more generic company offering a vast array of services. This enables us to be much more focussed on the individual requirements of each client, and means that our head-hunters get to know each of our candidates in greater depth, resulting in a more appropriate alignment between the candidate's skills and the requirements of the client. We currently supply clinical and technical staff to a number of clients, on both an individual and project basis. We only source and place permanent staff, and our candidate database is comprised of the more technical end of the medical market, such as theatre staff, critical care, radiography, RMO's neuro and rehabilitation of ABI.

Our team work closely together to ensure that we are at the forefront of the digital marketing and social media market. Collaborating our knowledge and skills, we understand what our clients require, which enables us to source the perfect candidate.